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Meet Dr. Scott Waugh

From sports injuries to elderly falls, Dr. Waugh has seen it all.

An Edmond native and long-time family and sports medicine physician, Dr. Waugh now offers safe, effective treatment for injuries and chronic pain at the Little River Healthcare –Integrative Medical Solutions practice off 2nd Street in Edmond.



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“Dr. Waugh has good patience – in fact, he has excellent attention to his patients! He is also very informative and asks the right questions. Dr. Waugh shows concern and I am glad to have him as my doctor.”

– Robert, 78

OK Nerve Pain

IMS Edmond – Little River Healthcare

65 South Saints Blvd.
Edmond, OK 73034  65

Phone: 405-348-2323
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We are so fortunate to do what we love while healing our patients. Our goal is to change lives and we have all the knowledge and equipment to do just that. Get rid of your treatable pain and call us at 405-348-2323 to schedule your appointment.

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